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Working line, brown standard Poodles
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Paw Paw Grove Poodles


 I have a degree in Animal Science from Texas A&M. I took my first dog training class while in college in the 1970’s.  I have worked with several breeds of dogs from training border collies to herd cattle, to training German Sheperds in Schutzhund.

I settled on Standard Poodles when two of my children married partners with dog hair allergies. I have always loved working dogs and the more I researched Poodles the more I fell I love with the breed. I started breeding in 2010 and fell into a group that focused on breeding for improving the breed and focused on diversity. I was in the first group of poodle to be tested by UC Davis for their VGL test. I am a charter member of the Better Bred group that has now expanded to 22 dog breeds and is still growing. 

My poodles are working as duck hunting dogs, agility dogs, conformation dogs, rally dogs, barn hunting, and others sports and at least one pup per litter goes into service dog training. I have dogs all over the USA, France, and Canada.

Through the years I continue to work to improve my diversity, temperaments, conformation. This is a never ending process and I continue to work and to improve my dogs.

 I enrich the environments of my puppies as they grow and develop. They are exposed to a family environment and stimulated daily.

I temperament test my puppies so that each puppyto determine which home will best suit its temperament, abilities and conformation.   I fully test my bitches and use fully tested males, both have VGL testing and I do test breeding on Better Bred to make sure that this is a diverse breeding, which will lower the likelihood of inherited diseases ( unfortunately these cannot be totally eliminated  all risk but we can do  all within our power to  decrease the likely hood).


E. Rae Irvine

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“C” litter puppy all grown up

“C” litter puppy all grown up